Classes and Schedules


Atlanta Tango aims to get students on the social dance floor as quickly as possible.
We want you to be able to share the passion and elegance of this beautiful dance, and not be stuck in classes forever without a social dancing experience. You can join our classes any time, but we recommend that new students join the first or the second class of every series. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.



Our Fundamentals class (7:30-8:30) is shaped to give you the ability to acquire a basic movement vocabulary quickly. And because we change partners frequently, you have the experience of dancing with a variety of dancers, which facilitates learning and adds some social fun.
This seven-week class focuses on the fundamentals of Argentine tango, including posture, embrace, walking steps and rhythmic movements. We emphasize musicality and connection between partners, and cover crucial social dance floor etiquette (such as cabeceo, and line of dance). The fundamentals of this class are the building blocks for good dancing, and more experienced dancers are always there to improve on their own experience.
Absolute beginners are encouraged to sign up at the beginning of the series, but new students can join anytime during the series. It is easier to catch up by joining us the first or second week

PRICE: $80 for the series

Experienced dancers can take the classes on a pay-as-you-go basis ($15 per night).

Next FUNDAMENTALS series is not yet determined



Our On-going Intermediate/Advanced class (8:30-9:30pm) is open to all those who have successfully grasped the material from the Fundamentals class, or who already have tango experience. Here we focus on helping students develop individual expression in choreography and musicality and on perfecting technique.
This class focuses on increasing dancers’ competence and confidence in three key areas: choreographic vocabulary, musicality and technique. While you can join this class at any point, we often take three or four classes to focus on a family of moves, musical expression or technique. Recent series have included, for example, crossed-feet patterns, musicality, ochos and boleos, deepening the connection of partners, turns with sacadas, vals, milonga, advanced walking technique, and rhythmic accents.

PRICE: $15 per class, $10 for full time students with valid ID


After the classes, the Guided Practica is your opportunity to take full advantage of our teaching knowledge. Ask any question that comes to mind, either about the class you just took or any aspect of your dance. We will do our best to answer.

No partner is required, but bringing a partner does help to ensure gender balance in the class. If you find there are not enough partners for you to dance with on one night, make sure to ask some friends to join you in the class the next week!


ARE YOU READY TO TAKE YOUR DANCE TO THE NEXT LEVEL? Often, dancers find that they have reached a plateau in their dance and they wish to improve their dance skills and gain better understanding of their own movement. These dancers eventually return to beginners' classes, and seek more advanced explanations of the fundamentals of dancing. We always encourage our students to continue taking fundamentals classes- from the beginning- so that you will be able to better grasp your own dance sooner rather than later. We strive to help YOU find YOUR dance- one which works for you as a unique dancer.

Once dancers find that they need more direct and personal attention to their dances, we recommend taking private lessons- in conjunction with practicing, your dance will then begin to take its unique form. Private classes can be used to improve your dance in general or to work on a particular aspect/move of your dance. Both Angel and April are present in the class and no partner is required for individuals.

Please contact us for information regarding available times and prices for private lessons.


With some frequency, Atlanta Tango holds Intensive Beginners' Workshops. These workshops summarize the material covered in our six-week Fun with Fundamental class in three and a half hours. These workshops are the ideal starting point for anybody who wants to familiarize themselves with Argentine Tango.

Atlanta Tango also teaches Intensive Intermediate Workshops. In these workshops we focus on material not covered in the Beginners' series, but it is useful in helping you to take full advantage of our Intermediate/Advanced class.

Atlanta Tango also teaches special workshops covering a wide variety of topics . Past workshops have covered FOLLOWERS' TECHNIQUE, MILONGA, VOLCADAS, etc.